A Note from Jon Trickett MP

Jon Trickett is a member of parliament for Hemsworth in West Yorkshire. He has been an MP since 1996 and serves as Shadow Lord President of the Council. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images.)

With capitalism in a state of prolonged crisis once more, and the Tories in office but divided and directionless, this is a fitting moment to relaunch Tribune.

Since the 1930s Tribune has spoken powerfully against injustice at home and abroad. We aim to continue in this tradition, confronting neoliberalism and austerity, challenging the emerging far right, and opposing war-mongering foreign intervention. Our cause is democratic socialism, which is the only hope for humanity, and indeed for our planet.

The current political landscape requires that we strengthen this vision and renew the commitment to independent radical journalism. That is why I am honoured to be taking up the position of chair of the advisory board for a relaunched, forward-thinking, and firmly socialist Tribune.

In the last few decades the battle of ideas has been displaced by a centrism that stifled debate with a top-down politics preoccupied with triangulation. But the Labour Party’s recent turn to the left opens up new possibilities.