The New Green-Red Zagreb

In May's local elections, Croatia's green-left platform won the capital's assembly and its mayoralty. The new government has big plans for a clean, democratic city – but the challenges of building it under assault from the right remain.

Springhill: The Forgotten Massacre

In July 1972, British snipers in West Belfast shot five people dead in a spree that was quickly covered up by the British government – half a century later, their families have yet to see truth or justice.

A Shared World

The German-French duo Stereo Total, whose member Françoise Cactus died in February, made charming, cheap, and democratic music out of the wreckage of post-Wall Berlin.

The Radical Legacy of Bernie Grant

On this day in 1987, Bernie Grant was elected as one of Britain's first black MPs. He spent his career dedicated to the trade unionism and racial justice – and changed the political landscape of the country for good.