A Journey Through ‘Red’ Paris

In the 20th century, leftists used their positions of municipal power in Paris to build some of Europe's most ambitious social housing projects – housing that was not only beautiful, but affordable and secure.

Remembering Stan Newens

Stan Newens – veteran parliamentarian, campaigner for international justice and pillar of the Labour Left – passed away this week aged 91. Jeremy Corbyn remembers his lifelong struggle for socialism.

The Young Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg was born on this day in 1871. Her socialism was shaped by a deep internationalism – much of which she imbibed from her Jewish upbringing in what was then known as 'Russian Poland.'

No Budget for Workers

Rishi Sunak's Budget has been hailed as groundbreaking, but for workers it meant tax increases not pay rises – and little if anything to tackle the insecurity which the pandemic threatens to make normal.

25 Days of the British Gas Strike

A striking British Gas engineer writes for Tribune about the fight against 'fire and rehire,' how the company has tried to squeeze its workers on the picket line – and why solidarity was the best form of defence.

Rishi Sunak Is Not Your Friend

The media's hero-worship of Rishi Sunak ignores his real record during this crisis – from Eat Out to Help Out to opposing a circuit-breaker and liveable sick pay, the Chancellor has been one of Covid's villains.