Keeping Gaza on the Ballot

While the genocide in Gaza has dominated the thoughts of millions of people across Britain, our political and media class are desperate to sideline the issue — we can't let this happen, writes Andrew Feinstein.

Europe Is Warning Us

The fascist surge across the European Union is directly down to the bankruptcy of centrist politicians — whose failure in addressing soaring inequalities and deep social problems should haunt Starmer's Labour.

Watch Dennis Potter

Thirty years after his death, the work of television dramatist and working-class innovator Dennis Potter is remnant of an era when complex and politically daring art was broadcast to a mass audience.

We Don’t Have to Starve Kids

Right now, a third of children in poverty are being denied free school meals — and the teachers feeding them often go hungry themselves. It’s a disgraceful state of affairs that shows the necessity of universal free school meals.

Keir’ll Fix It

In the coming weeks, expect to hear Keir Starmer’s mantra of ‘country first, party second’ on loop. But what the naked, overt corruption evident in Labour’s selection process shows is that in reality, it is faction first, second, and third.

An Industrial Correspondent Reflects

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the miners’ strike. Veteran industrial correspondent Alan Jones reflects on his experience reporting on the frontline and the legacy of that seismic dispute today.