Ireland’s Historic Opportunity

After decades of right-wing domination, February's general election could be a watershed moment in Irish politics – if the country's Left can unite against Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil.

The Exception of Palermo

Amidst the rise of Matteo Salvini and anti-immigrant populism across Italy, one Sicilian city has fought for the rights of refugees and in the process begun a conversation about its own migrant history.

The Flybe Fake

Boris Johnson claims the bailout of Flybe is a sign that this Tory government is prepared to use state powers to help workers – but in reality, it shows how committed they are to corporate welfare.

The Starmer Illusion

Keir Starmer promises to unite the party and appear prime ministerial while sticking by Labour's left-wing policies. But if elected, he would be forced to choose between these priorities - and it's clear which one would lose out.

New Approach, Old Problems

The recent deal to re-establish Northern Ireland's Assembly may have broken a deadlock but it doesn't resolve any of the fundamental contradictions at the heart of the peace process - and is likely to lead to another wave of punishing austerity.

Making Development a Business

The mooted merger of the Department for International Development with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office would be the latest Tory scheme to use the aid budget to fill the pockets of corporations.

Renewing Scottish Labour

Glasgow councillor Matt Kerr explains why he’s running for deputy leader of Scottish Labour - to empower a new generation in the party's grassroots and ensure that Labour fights for real democracy, even when it's a challenge.

No to the Cane

In 1972, ten thousand kids walked out of school in Britain to protest corporal punishment — and force authorities to change the law.

The Twittering Machine

Socialist author Richard Seymour discusses his origins on the Left, his latest book and the role of social media in shaping our political environment.

The Fight for Housing Goes On

Labour had bold housing policies in the general election - but it failed to build a narrative that got them across. Now, the challenge is to engage with the movements fighting the housing crisis at the grassroots.