Less Work, More Play

There is a bold answer to Britain's childcare crisis that would improve the lives of parents, children and nursery workers: a shorter working week.

Against Art-Washing

Artists have often been accused of contributing to gentrification. In Glasgow's Govanhill, they are trying to chart a different course.

Middle of Nowhere

The new Independent Group claims to represent the "centre ground" in British politics - but it has defined itself by opposing popular policies.

Yesterday’s People

No policies, no ideas, no substance: Chuka Umunna's Independent Group is a tantrum thrown by careerists who found their avenues of progression closed off.

Apocalypse Now

The resurgence of interest in classic BBC disaster drama Threads is a symptom of an increasingly bleak political climate.

Barrow Deserves Better

John Woodcock set a low bar for a Labour MP for Barrow. Chris Altree, the local left-winger selected to replace him, promises a new direction.