Austerity’s Little Helpers

The Lib Dems want to reduce this election to Brexit because their record in government - including Jo Swinson's time as minister - helped to deepen many of Britain's worst injustices.

Winning the Online War

Viral online campaigning - from videos to memes - is likely to play a larger role in this election than any other. That could be to Labour's benefit.

Comrades at War

After the First World War, thousands of veterans returned from the front lines and fought for their rights against an establishment that was happy to discard them.

Lula Livre

An activist from the Brazilian Workers' Party on the significance of Lula's release, the movement that made it possible and the continuing fight against the Bolsonaro regime.

The Psychedelic Left

Mark Sinker's anthology 'A Hidden Landscape Once A Week' charts the emergence of the British music press out of the New Left of the 1960s, and its decline in the 1980s during Thatcherism.

Why the Four-Day Week Matters

Labour's plan to introduce a four-day week isn't just a necessary fix to a broken economy – it signals a renewed commitment to a decades-long class struggle over working time.