Bernie’s Brooklyn

Bernie Sanders owes more than his accent to Brooklyn. His politics were profoundly shaped by its radicalism – from New Deal reforms to the Yiddish socialism that brought his grandparents into active politics.

Thank You Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders took socialism out of the margins and into the American mainstream for the first time in generations. That makes him a historic figure whose legacy will far outlast his critics.

The Coronavirus Class Divide

As wealthy families escape to their rural holiday homes, workers are forced to put themselves at risk to deliver them the goods they need to survive. Don't let them tell you we're all in it together.

Breaking the Power of Finance

Liberal commentators frame the dominance of finance as a hindrance to a well-functioning capitalist economy. In reality, it is a feature rather than a bug of modern capitalism, argues Grace Blakeley.

Bolsonaro’s Coronavirus Calamity

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has launched a 'Brazil Can't Stop' campaign to encourage people to work despite coronavirus. His disastrous response typifies a right-wing that values profits ahead of people's lives.

The Pandemic in Palestine

In the West Bank and Gaza, coronavirus has exposed the impact of Israel's decades-long occupation – and left many Palestinians without the healthcare they need to survive.

Posties Before Profit

Last month, postal workers offered to provide an emergency service to keep the country running during coronavirus. Rather than support them, Royal Mail refused to even listen to concerns over their safety.