Inequality Is Tory Party Policy

Rishi Sunak’s Budget is an attempt at masking modern Britain’s bleak reality – that while most people are getting stretched further and further, the rich are making money like never before.

A Welfare State for the Wealthy

Today’s Budget promised both additional spending and a shrinking of the state. These might seem contradictory – but they are part of the same plan: to funnel yet more wealth to Britain’s elite.

The Radical Conservation of Red Bologna

In the 1960s and 70s, the Italian city of Bologna’s Communist administration took a radical approach to conservation – opening up the process of shaping the city’s historic centre to grassroots democratic planning.

The Fight for a Workers’ Hollywood

Even before the recent tragic on-set death, film and TV workers were organising to improve conditions in Hollywood – their fight pits them against not only film studios, but global tech giants.

The Jarrow Crusade at 85

In October 1936, 200 men marched from Jarrow to London to demand an end to unemployment and poverty. Their efforts were unsuccessful – but their fight against injustice remains as relevant as ever.