It’s Time to Talk About Class

Laura Pidcock discusses what it means to be working class, why the establishment is so afraid of class analysis and how a politics based on class can empower collective action.

The Great Unravelling

The United Kingdom is unlikely to survive in its current form. Now is the time for socialists to imagine what comes next.

Winning the General Election

Boris Johnson can be beaten. We should have every confidence that we can do it. Fundamentally, the ground is slipping away from the Tories. And if we can drag them onto our economic terrain — on climate change, and ownership — we can win.

Lives in Sound

New books by veteran music writers Ian Penman and David Toop show that, at its best, there is no higher category than music journalism.

Drawing Home

A new investigation reveals the true story behind one of the most famous photographs of the Second World War, and the socialist photographer who captured it.

Backing Evo

Ahead of this weekend's Bolivian election, we publish an open letter from trade unionists, politicians and civil society figures supporting Evo Morales and opposing US intervention.

Boris’ Bad Deal

Boris Johnson's Brexit deal tears up protections for working people and opens the door for US-style deregulation. Labour should bury it, before it buries us.