France’s Authoritarian Turn

In the wake of recent terrorist attacks, France's Macron government has announced a string of authoritarian measures which stigmatise Muslims and further undermine the country's fragile civil liberties.

Greenwashing the Status Quo

The Tories' weak climate plans offered Labour the perfect opportunity to propose a bold green agenda – but instead we got another sign that the party is shying away from tackling the urgent crises of our time.

Between Marx and Coca-Cola

Between 1957 and its dissolution in 1972, the Situationist International sought to theorise consumer capitalism in order to overthrow it. A new collection of essays explores their legacy.

Cash for Drones, Cuts for Workers

By proposing increases in defence spending alongside a pay freeze for workers, the Tories have exposed the lie that governments can't invest – and revealed their own priorities: war before well-being.