Faking Theory

In Susan Finlay's novel 'The Jacques Lacan Foundation', a working-class British trickster blags her way into American academia, exploring the pretensions of authorship and intellectualism.

Remembering the Forgotten War

In the last 70 years the US has embarked on an intentional effort to forget the Korean War and obscure its role in the brutality. But for people on the peninsula, the war never really ended – and neither has the American empire.

The Poet of Palestine

As Gazans endure yet another brutal assault by Israeli occupation forces, the writing of Mahmoud Darwish – who died on this day in 2008 – still signals the power of literature to sustain dignity and encourage resistance.

Ofgem Is a Scam

Despite claiming to be a 'regulator', Ofgem's main job is to protect the profits of private energy companies – even when their prices are driving millions of working-class people towards poverty.