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David Renton

David Renton is a barrister and the author of Against the Law: Why Justice Requires Fewer Laws and a Smaller State, which is published by Repeater on 12 July.

The Forced Labour Bill

The Tories’ latest attack on trade unions would conscript transport workers to work against their will – a historic blow to the right to strike that must be fiercely resisted.

Liz Truss’s War on Workers

Britain’s anti-union laws are already the harshest in the developed world. Liz Truss’s plan to make them even more draconian should be recognised for what it is – an attack on the basic democratic rights of working people.

The Eviction Crisis Is Already Here

While bailiff evictions remain formally paused, eviction hearings are going ahead – and with rising numbers of people unemployed, claiming Universal Credit, and slipping into arrears, thousands face losing their homes.