Less Work, More Play

There is a bold answer to Britain’s childcare crisis that would improve the lives of parents, children and nursery workers: a shorter working week.

Yesterday’s People

No policies, no ideas, no substance: Chuka Umunna’s Independent Group is a tantrum thrown by careerists who found their avenues of progression closed off.

Middle of Nowhere

The new Independent Group claims to represent the “centre ground” in British politics – but it has defined itself by opposing popular policies.

Against Art-Washing

Artists have often been accused of contributing to gentrification. In Glasgow’s Govanhill, they are trying to chart a different course.


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A Tale of Three Cities

David Harvey traces our changing relationship to housing through the city of use value, the city of exchange value, and the city of speculative gain.

Barrow Deserves Better

John Woodcock set a low bar for a Labour MP for Barrow. Chris Altree, the local left-winger selected to replace him, promises a new direction.