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The Ghosts of Vietnam

Angela Davis once warned that the ruling class attempts to create an ‘imposed forgetfulness’ of yesterday’s struggles. As students fight for Gaza like those before them fought for Vietnam, they show a determination to remember.

The Reactionary International

This week in Madrid, a Vox party rally brought together Holocaust deniers, Israeli officials and right-wing leaders from around the world — putting Spain at the centre of a new far-right international movement.

Austerity Pop

A Marxist history of pop examines how the 2008 financial crash changed music, from glorifying inequality to celebrating ‘relatable’ stars who struggled through adversity — demonstrating capitalism’s adaptability.

Britain Deserves a Proper Postal Service

As the Royal Mail looks set to be taken over by Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky, workers will mobilise to defend the service — and the communities they serve must get ready to stand with them, writes Dave Ward.

Silencing Palestine Solidarity

The French government response to the Palestine solidarity movement has been defined by criminalisation, censorship and violent attacks on peaceful protestors. But the genocide in Gaza only continues to push people into action.


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Henry Kissinger’s time on earth was spent organising the slaughter of millions of people on behalf of the rich and powerful, whose respect for him transcended party loyalties. May he rot in hell.

A New Model Britain

Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram quit Westminster after seeing how it made real change impossible. Speaking to Tribune, they discuss how injustices from Hillsborough to the housing crisis come from a system wired against northerners and workers everywhere.