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Property Developer Patriotism

The irony of Keir Starmer’s plan for a ‘patriotic economy’ is that it relies on corporate developers to enrich shareholders, many of which don’t pay their taxes in Britain.

From the Pits to Parliament

Ronnie Campbell, who passed away last week, belonged to a dwindling breed of Labour politician. A miner who began work aged 14, his experience of the Northumberland coalfield’s bitter class conflict inspired him to become one of Westminster’s most committed socialists.

A Parliament Against Palestine

Yesterday’s Westminster chaos shows that Keir Starmer’s hostility to democracy applies to parliament itself — but also that despite our politicians’ attempts, protecting Israel from democratic condemnation is becoming unsustainable.

Healthcare Under Siege

Speaking to Tribune, British surgeon Nick Maynard described the realities of Israeli collective punishment that he witnessed in Gaza: patients dying on dirty floors, sheltering from constant bomb attacks and receiving serious surgery without anaesthetic.

Britain’s Socialist Cinema Master

Ken Loach sits down with Tribune to discuss his career, the opportunities for political cinema today, and why artists should unmask exploitation and highlight ordinary peoples’ struggles against injustice.


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Henry Kissinger’s time on earth was spent organising the slaughter of millions of people on behalf of the rich and powerful, whose respect for him transcended party loyalties. May he rot in hell.

This Is the West’s Genocide Too

Israel is preparing to launch a ground assault against Rafah, where one million refugees are sheltered. Responsibility for the bloodbath won’t belong just to the invaders — this is the West’s genocide too.