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No, We Haven’t Run Out of Money

Labour claim they will inherit an economic mess that will prevent them from tackling child poverty or fixing Britain’s crumbling infrastructure. The problem, however, isn’t a lack of resources — it’s that the resources are hoarded at the top.

Britain’s Wealthiest Needn’t Worry

Billionaire John Caudwell’s support for Labour over Starmer’s persecution of socialists and support for capitalism has been unscrutinised by a media class showing no curiosity for whose interests next week’s government will serve, writes Tom Mills.


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Henry Kissinger’s time on earth was spent organising the slaughter of millions of people on behalf of the rich and powerful, whose respect for him transcended party loyalties. May he rot in hell.

The Vanquished of Yesterday

In her book ‘Burnout’, Hannah Proctor brings alive the emotional experiences of socialists responding to defeat over three centuries — and how these experiences can inform future victories.

Behind Labour Together

Since running Keir Starmer’s fraudulent leadership campaign, Labour Together has raised staggering sums of money from exploitative businessmen to staff the offices of MPs — shaping party policy in the interests of its mega-rich donors.