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Bosses Are Wasting Our Time

In a society where a third of workers think their job is meaningless, an alternative to constant toiling in unproductive work is urgently needed: it’s time to demand a four-day week.

Rigging Britain’s Democracy

The allegations that Labour has used its online voting system to rig parliamentary selections suggest that Starmer’s addiction to purging the left is corroding the integrity of Britain’s democratic system.

How Britain Made Paul Robeson a Socialist

Pioneering black singer Paul Robeson was born on this day in 1898. One of America’s great radical figures, it was his encounters with Britain’s labour movement which inspired his socialist and anti-imperialist politics.

Palestinian Voices Will Not Be Erased

After artists collectively removed their work from a Manchester arts centre in protest at its censorship of a Palestinian literature celebration, bosses were forced to reinstate the event — in a stunning victory for those opposing genocide in Gaza.


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Henry Kissinger’s time on earth was spent organising the slaughter of millions of people on behalf of the rich and powerful, whose respect for him transcended party loyalties. May he rot in hell.

The Diggers’ Green Roots

During the English Civil War, a band of radicals set out to make the world a common treasury. But the Diggers weren’t just pioneering socialists — they were forerunners of the environmental movement too.

The Fight to Save Julian Assange

Now the High Court has recognised Julian Assange may be executed by America for exposing war crimes, the fight to save his life and defend press freedom could not be more urgent.