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Karl Hansen

Karl Hansen is the editor of Tribune.

Keir’ll Fix It

In the coming weeks, expect to hear Keir Starmer’s mantra of ‘country first, party second’ on loop. But what the naked, overt corruption evident in Labour’s selection process shows is that in reality, it is faction first, second, and third.

A Parliament Against Palestine

Yesterday’s Westminster chaos shows that Keir Starmer’s hostility to democracy applies to parliament itself — but also that despite our politicians’ attempts, protecting Israel from democratic condemnation is becoming unsustainable.

Britain’s Socialist Cinema Master

Ken Loach sits down with Tribune to discuss his career, the opportunities for political cinema today, and why artists should unmask exploitation and highlight ordinary peoples’ struggles against injustice.

Starmer’s Worst U-Turn

Labour has thrown millions of the most exploited workers under the bus to curry favour with the big business lobby — a staggering act of political cowardice. Unless the party corrects its course, things can only get bitter.

Starmer’s Sick Pay Betrayal

This week, Labour U-turned on its pledge to raise sick pay and guarantee it to all — abandoning millions of precarious workers to choose between their health and financial crisis.

10 Reasons to Oppose the Anti-Strike Laws

The Tories’ latest attack on workers’ rights would see nurses and firefighters sacked, trade unions bankrupted and long-held democratic rights undermined. Here are 10 reasons why you should oppose the anti-strike laws.

The Tories’ Latest War on Workers

The government’s proposed anti-union laws are a historic attack on the right to strike. The aims are simple: to weaken workers and keep wages low in a cost-of-living crisis. It’s time for a mass movement to fight back.

When Britain Said ‘Enough is Enough’

On October 1, 57 simultaneous protests took place across the country — from Dundee to Weymouth — against the cost-of-living crisis. Participants were united in their demands for a fundamentally different economic system.

Rail Workers Are On Our Side

For far too long, railway workers and passengers alike have been shafted by a government hellbent on destroying our railways for the pursuit of profit. Railway workers are fighting back – for all of us.

A Queen’s Speech for the Elite

Millions of people in Britain can’t afford to eat. That the government plans to spend this year undermining democracy and fighting culture wars instead of fixing that problem makes it clear whose side it’s on.