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Taj Ali

Taj Ali is a freelance writer. His work has appeared in the Huffington Post, Metro and the Independent.

Blacklisting Hasn’t Gone Away

Despite what bosses and politicians say, the blacklist is still a living reality for many trade unionists – and it can only be defeated by ending casual labour and building real collective power among workers.

‘Social Landlords Simply Don’t Care’

Many of Britain’s housing association tenants are forced to live in homes that are infested, overrun with mould, and on the brink of collapse. We speak to campaigner Kwajo Tweneboa about the fight for change.

The Battle for Brixton

In Brixton, the local community are fighting a Texan millionaire’s attempt to build a vanity tower block that would tear the soul out of the iconic market and turbo-charge gentrification.

The Staycation Crisis

The pandemic has seen Britain’s domestic tourism boom – but as more and more rental properties are turned into holiday homes, working-class communities are being priced out.

How Labour Alienated Muslim Voters

Keir Starmer’s party might have held Batley and Spen, but its approach to both domestic and foreign issues has turned away swathes of supporters in the Muslim community – as well as showing a total lack of moral fibre.

How the Thurrock Bin Strike Won

In the midst of a pandemic, Thurrock’s bin workers found themselves facing council cuts that would have left them £4,000 a year worse off – so they organised, went on strike and beat the bosses.

The Battle For Brick Lane

In the 20th century, Brick Lane’s migrant communities fought efforts by the far-right to drive them out. Now, amid plans for a shopping mall and rising rents, they face a different enemy: gentrification.

Behind Britain’s Redundancy Crisis

Today’s unemployment numbers are the highest in five years, with almost 700,000 jobs lost during the pandemic and 1.7 million out of work. It is an avoidable crisis – and young workers are bearing the brunt.

Behind the British Gas Strike

As the British Gas strike returns to the picket, we speak to the workers involved – about the threat to their family lives, bullying ‘fire and rehire’ tactics, and how one company’s celebration of key workers rang hollow.

No Country for Young People

New research shows that two in three youth centres are on the verge of closure. With youth unemployment also skyrocketing, Britain’s government is failing young people – and the consequences are likely to be severe.