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Taj Ali

Taj Ali is the editor of Tribune.

Healthcare Under Siege

Speaking to Tribune, British surgeon Nick Maynard described the realities of Israeli collective punishment that he witnessed in Gaza: patients dying on dirty floors, sheltering from constant bomb attacks and receiving serious surgery without anaesthetic.

No Friends of Labour

Desperate to show a contrast to ‘old Labour’, Tony Blair took pride in upholding draconian anti-union laws and was happy confronting organised workers. But this belligerence created a new generation of trade unionists unafraid to challenge him and make things difficult for New Labour.

Ten Times Workers Won in 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, Tribune looks back at ten landmark trade union victories — showing how organised workers are fighting back against greed and exploitation.

Taking on Big Tech

From metric-driven management to workplace surveillance, workers are turning to trade unionism to fight back against tech behemoth exploitation.

Art In Dispute

Faced with financial hardship and anti-union hostility from management, workers at the Royal Society of Arts are taking strike action for the first time in their 270-year history.

The Strike to Save Local News

Despite paying out millions to shareholders, National World is imposing a derisory real-terms pay cut on hundreds of local journalists. But journalists are fighting back — for themselves, their readers and the very future of their profession.