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Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray is vice chair of Stop the War and a Tribune columnist.

No Friends of Labour

Desperate to show a contrast to ‘old Labour’, Tony Blair took pride in upholding draconian anti-union laws and was happy confronting organised workers. But this belligerence created a new generation of trade unionists unafraid to challenge him and make things difficult for New Labour.

How Liberals Learned to Love NATO

In the wake of the war in Ukraine, NATO has been presented as a defensive alliance for democracy — but its actual history has been the promotion of Western imperial interests, often at the point of a gun.

The Warmonger Internationalists

The moves to realign Labour’s foreign policy after Corbyn reveal exactly what the political centre means by ‘internationalism’ – liberal values advanced at the point of a cruise missile.

Class Politics After Corbyn

The failure of Corbynism was its inability to cut through in working-class communities. The risk of a Starmer-led Labour Party is that it abandons that effort altogether.

Assessing Defeat

To understand December’s loss, socialists should look beyond the ‘Brexit or Corbyn’ binary to deeper problems facing the labour movement which can’t be solved by charting a course towards the centre, argues Andrew Murray.