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Grace Blakeley

Grace Blakeley is a staff writer at Tribune. She is the author of Stolen: How Finance Destroyed the Economy and Corrupted Our Politics (Repeater, 2019).

Putting the Cat Back in the Bag

Austerity is back on the political agenda for one reason – the establishment is terrified that recent state interventions will raise the demand to solve other social problems the same way, argues Grace Blakeley.

Breaking the Power of Finance

Liberal commentators frame the dominance of finance as a hindrance to a well-functioning capitalist economy. In reality, it is a feature rather than a bug of modern capitalism, argues Grace Blakeley.

Socialism Is Not Going Away

Despite today's defeat for the Left in the leadership election, Corbyn's policies remain overwhelmingly popular among Labour members – and are the only way out of the economic crisis we find ourselves in.

The Coronavirus Crisis Is Political

In 2008, they told us not to 'politicise' the crash. We ended up with a decade of austerity. The coronavirus crisis will reshape the economy in profound ways – now is the time to make socialist arguments about how to respond, argues Grace Blakeley.

Sunak’s Spending Spree

Today's budget exposes the truth about a decade of austerity – it wasn't an economic necessity but a political choice. Now the Left must seize the initiative on this new terrain where economics has been repoliticised, argues Grace Blakeley.

The Corona Crash

Today's coronavirus crash in the stock market is exposing the frailty of global capitalism – and with governments tapped out on quantitative easing, only significant public investment on the scale of a Green New Deal can prevent a slump.

Capital’s New Best Friend

Rishi Sunak's appointment was trumpeted as a break with Thatcherism - but his record of supporting tax cuts for the rich and corporations suggests he's straight out of the Tory mould.

Turning Point

Today's speech by Rebecca Long-Bailey in her hometown of Salford laid out a compelling vision of Labour’s path to power – and socialists should take note, argues Grace Blakeley.

The Westminster Fetish

This week's pile-on against Zarah Sultana over select committees demonstrates how our establishment sees democracy – as a set of rules and procedures to which they alone are gatekeepers.

The Flybe Fake

Boris Johnson claims the bailout of Flybe is a sign that this Tory government is prepared to use state powers to help workers – but in reality, it shows how committed they are to corporate welfare.

Up from the Canvas

This is not the time to abandon the socialist policies that would most improve lives in the very areas Labour lost. Instead, the task is to build a more effective movement that can win them.

Ending Thatcherism

Forty years after Thatcher rose to power, the parts of Britain she decimated with deindustrialisation, privatisation and cuts have the opportunity in this election to bury her legacy once and for all.