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Grace Blakeley

Grace Blakeley is a staff writer at Tribune and the host of our weekly podcast A World to Win.

Do Unto Others

At its most radical, Christian teaching is a condemnation of a world exploited by the rich – and an injunction to fight for the liberation of the world’s poor and oppressed.

A Welfare State for the Wealthy

Today’s Budget promised both additional spending and a shrinking of the state. These might seem contradictory – but they are part of the same plan: to funnel yet more wealth to Britain’s elite.

The Inflation Class War

Right-wingers have recently discovered the cost of living crisis, and sought to blame it on workers – but it has its roots in an economy built to enrich a tiny minority at the majority’s expense.

Democratise Central Banks

The past year has exposed the myth that central banks are neutral bodies which exist outside of politics – and made clear that their crucial economic functions must be brought under democratic control.