A Queen’s Speech for the Elite

Millions of people in Britain can’t afford to eat. That the government plans to spend this year undermining democracy and fighting culture wars instead of fixing that problem makes it clear whose side it's on.

A Socialist Airman’s Farewell

On VE day, we republish a letter from a British socialist pilot who died fighting the Nazis – a sacrifice he made for a world free not only from fascism but poverty, oppression and 'the evils inherent in the capitalist system.'

The Dialectics of Space

A new book on the history of space exploration explores the utopian dreams that drive us towards the stars – but also the capitalist realities that make outer space a plaything of billionaires.

More Thatcherism Won’t Fix Housing

Boris Johnson's answer to the problems facing renters is reviving Right to Buy – the very policy that turned millions of public homes into private landlords' assets and birthed our housing crisis in the first place.