The Last Child Refugees

Last month, Herminio Martínez, one of the last child refugees to the UK from the Spanish Civil War, passed away. Here he describes the largest arrival of child refugees ever to Britain - the 4,000 who sought refuge after the Nazi bombing campaign in Guernica.

India’s Left University Fights Back

On Sunday, gangs associated with India's ruling BJP organised a violent assault on left-wing students in Jawaharlal Nehru University. The resulting outrage is putting the extreme right on the back foot.

International Undevelopment

Under the Tories, Britain's approach to international aid and development has become wedded to market ideology - encouraging some of the world's poorest countries to pursue waves of privatisation.

Why I’m Backing Rebecca Long-Bailey

Party chair Ian Lavery on why he's backing Rebecca Long-Bailey to combine socialist policies with the long-term workplace, community and party organising necessary to rebuild Labour's roots.

Why We Need a Socialist

It's not enough for Labour leadership candidates to just say they'll support radical policies. They need to prove they'll fight for them - against big business, the political establishment and the billionaire-owned press.

Calcio in Crisis

In the 1980s and 1990s, Italy’s Serie A led the football world. But as financial interests asset-strip once-great clubs and racist abuse on the terraces dominates the headlines, Italian football no longer looks like such a “beautiful game.”

The People’s War for Education

During the Second World War, Britain's soldiers insisted that they were fighting for more than a return to the status quo - and the popular educational programmes they established helped to pave the way for Labour's victory in 1945.

No War with Iran

The march to war with Iran has begun, with the British government playing Trump's tune - it's time for all those opposed to another slaughter in the Middle East to organise a mass anti-war movement.