The Battle for Brixton

In Brixton, the local community are fighting a Texan millionaire’s attempt to build a vanity tower block that would tear the soul out of the iconic market and turbo-charge gentrification.

Northern Ireland’s Unhappy Centenary

100 years ago the partition of Ireland deepened sectarian divisions and lay the foundations for conflict and reaction – but a century later, there is a growing movement for a new republic: north and south.

The Inflation Class War

Right-wingers have recently discovered the cost of living crisis, and sought to blame it on workers – but it has its roots in an economy built to enrich a tiny minority at the majority's expense.

The ‘Squid Game’ Trap

The extraordinary success of Netflix's 'Squid Game' demonstrates how many people relate to a portrayal of capitalism's miseries – and how few feel there is any way to escape.