Not Playing Around

200 video game workers walked off the job this week in Los Angeles in the first industrial action of its kind.

Best Laid Plans

The Mayor of London-sponsored social enterprise Public Practice claims to be bringing social planning back to the capital. Do their claims stack up?

Rebuilding the Union Movement

CWU leader Dave Ward on the lessons he learned from 40 years of trade unionism, and the bold approach the movement needs to adopt today to tackle its decline.

Finland Divided

Last month's election in Finland saw the Social Democrats top the poll for the first time in 20 years – but they were also a victory for the country's right-wing populists, who re-emerged on an anti-migrant, anti-green ticket.

Marx and the Chartist

Karl Marx's friendship with Chartist radical and labour poet Ernest Jones set him on a path to embracing anti-colonialism as a necessary step to overcoming capitalism.