Remembering the Diggers

The Diggers of the English Revolution were egalitarian radicals well before their time. No account of socialist history is complete without them.

No Honour in Failure

The late socialist writer Mark Fisher on the ways in which neoliberalism disempowered workers, the Left's failure to respond and the challenge of rebuilding class politics.

The Labour Students Stitch-Up

Figures released this weekend show that less than 2% of Labour's students voted in the Labour Student elections. It's time to end the right-wing stitch-up that locks thousands of students out.

In the Male State

The case of the Khachaturyan sisters reveals how the ultra-conservative ideology of the Russian state tacitly supports domestic violence.

Labour’s Policing Problem

Rather than entering an arms race on policing with the Tories and accepting law and order demagoguery, Labour should lead a new conversation about crime in Britain.