The Life and Legacy of Michael Foot

Michael Foot was born on this day in 1913. A giant of Labour Party politics, the attempts to diminish his legacy after his death only reveal the extent to which his socialism threatened the British establishment.

De-Gentrifying the City

Fighting gentrification is a crucial to any hope of reclaiming our cities from capital, but doing it effectively will require setting out a working-class vision for renewal to rival pro-business regeneration projects.

It’s Time to End Summer Hunger

This week marks the start of the summer holidays for kids across England and Wales. For too many, that means six weeks without enough food – a problem this government could solve, if it wanted to.

Remembering Dawn Foster

Socialist writer Dawn Foster passed away last week at the age of 34. She was a champion of the working class in a hostile media environment – and deeply committed to the fight for a better world.