Documenting Dignity

The latest film by Agnes Varda is a warm reflection on her cinematic history, and a reminder that those on the margins of society are often most worthy of the camera’s gaze.

Organising TGIs

There’s no future for trade unions without young workers, and recent campaigns in the hospitality sector show that they can be organised.

Striking Back

Precarity, lack of representation, and injuries have had devastating impacts on the lives of non-league footballers. Now, with the help of the GMB, they’re starting to unionise.

Ernst Toller: In Memoriam

As a socialist playwright, revolutionary president, and exile from the Nazis, Ernst Toller’s life and work demonstrated the importance of conviction in creativity.

A Letter from Warsaw

In Poland’s bleak post-Communist politics, the nationalists are increasingly defeating the neoliberals by identifying themselves with popular interests.