The Factory Residency

The Art in Manufacturing programme draws on a history of artists working in factories to bridge the gap between the workplaces and art in Britain's industrial towns.

Where Next for the Irish Left?

In February, Ireland's right-wing duopoly were defeated in an election for the first time – but still ended up in government. If the Irish Left wants to replace them, it will need to come together to build an alternative.

New Deal in Name Only

Boris Johnson's 'New Deal' is a mirage – made up largely of spending already committed, with few details about how it will address urgent crises like climate change or improve working people's lives.

Le Combat Adama

In France, the killing of George Floyd evoked memories of the recent death in police custody of Adam Traoré – and reignited the mass protests which demanded justice in his name.

Ireland’s Fig Leaf

Four months after a historic general election saw Ireland's right-wing duopoly defeated, the Green Party has decided to return them to office – on a programme that will do nothing to solve the country's deep inequalities.

The Blair Show

Late '90s and early 2000s reality TV in the UK was shaped by its interaction with a Blairite political project which demonised the working-class and cast social problems as individual failings.