The Student Housing Scandal

This weekend's fire in Bolton has exposed the dreadful quality of much of Britain's student accommodation - a forest of plastic towers designed to maximise profit and minimise regulation.

The War on Latin America’s Left

Former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa on the coup in Bolivia, the campaign to criminalise Latin America's Left and the need to fight back against the far-right agenda on the continent.

It’s Time to Be Honest about Housing

For decades terms like 'affordable,' 'social,' 'mixed' have been used as cover for market failures in housing - it's time to move on from those schemes and commit to a real solution: council housing.

Momentum’s Election Gameplan

In 2017's general election comeback, Momentum played a key role in mobilising Labour supporters across the country. This time they plan to go one further – and help Labour into Downing Street.

Green New World

This year's Oslo Architecture Triennale moved away from the corporate flash of most architecture events to imagine a world of environmentally-sustainable futures.

Saving Local Government

Nine years of Tory cuts have left local government in Britain on its knees with budgets decimated by 60%. Labour's manifesto should commit to radical plans to rebuild our councils.

Scrap the Anti-Union Laws

Court judgements like those in the CWU case show that there is no effective right to strike in the UK. It's time to scrap the anti-union laws and put power back into workers' hands.

Internet for All

Today Labour has announced plans to provide full-fibre broadband free to everyone in Britain through a new public company. It can be the start of a truly democratic approach to the internet.

Debunking the Grenfell Lies

This week Liberal Democrat Sam Gyimah claimed that Labour MP Emma Dent Coad was partly responsible for the Grenfell tragedy - here, she debunks his allegation and calls on him to apologise for the smear.