It’s Time to Scrap Tuition Fees

Before Covid-19, high tuition fees already deterred working-class people from university. Now, the injustices students face are clear to everyone – and show why we must fight for a free education system.

Rishi Sunak Versus Reality

It was obvious from the start that Covid-19 would have longlasting impacts on the British economy, but Rishi Sunak has insisted on treating it as a temporary blip – and now fantasises about pulling support altogether.

Green Capitalism Is Not Enough

Joe Biden's inauguration has been heralded as a victory for environmentalists – but his presidency will prove definitively that there are no moderate solutions to the climate crisis. A Green New Deal is our only hope.

The US Left in the Biden Era

DSA's Carlos Ramirez-Rosa speaks to Tribune about the future of the growing socialist movement in the United States after Donald Trump – and how the Left should approach the Biden administration.

Sensible Socialism: The Salford Model

Like its near-neighbour Preston, Salford's left-leaning council has put socialist policies into practice at a local level – and been rewarded with public housing, well-paying jobs, insourcing and a greener city.