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James Meadway

James Meadway is an economist and Director of the Progressive Economy Forum. He is a former advisor to John McDonnell.

Rearranging The Deckchairs

Unless Liz Truss commits to wage rises, fair taxes and properly funded public services, sacking Kwasi Kwarteng will make no difference – Britain will still be falling off the cliff edge.

There Are No Good Tories

Today’s efforts to bring down Boris Johnson highlight divisions among the Tories, but one thing unifies them above it all: running the country in the interests of the super-rich.

The Next Energy Catastrophe

The energy price cap is due to rise by a further £830 this October, just as the next cold snap hits. This will plunge millions into poverty and worse – but the government shows no intention of stopping it.

The Spring Statement Was a Scam

Today, Rishi Sunak had a chance to tackle the cost of living crisis. Instead, he has left the average family around £1,000 worse off than last year – the biggest fall in living standards since records began.

The Anti-Wartime Economy

A war effort requires the total mobilisation of an economy. What we’re facing with coronavirus is different – the need to demobilise the economy for as long as public health demands.

Winning the General Election

Boris Johnson can be beaten. We should have every confidence that we can do it. Fundamentally, the ground is slipping away from the Tories. And if we can drag them onto our economic terrain — on climate change, and ownership — we can win.

Boris’ Bad Deal

Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal tears up protections for working people and opens the door for US-style deregulation. Labour should bury it, before it buries us.

The Free Port Fantasy

Deregulated tax havens which suck up public resources while providing few if any new jobs: Boris Johnson’s free ports would be a disaster for Britain’s economy.


After decades of deindustrialisation, the next Labour government can reboot the areas left behind  – by laying foundations for a digital industrial revolution.

Against MMT

Modern Monetary Theory disorients the Left by peddling simplistic monetary solutions to complex problems of political power.