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Francesca Newton

Francesca Newton is the assistant editor of Tribune.

Reality Show Politics

Matt Hancock thinks his stint surviving in the jungle is a ‘good metaphor’ for politics. He’s right – but only because his risk of meeting serious harm in I’m a Celebrity is about as high as his risk of facing serious consequences for his Covid crimes.

Five Years Since the Grenfell Fire

In June 2017, a catastrophic fire in Grenfell Tower killed seventy-two people and should have changed housing standards for good. Instead, the establishment has failed victims — and resisted all efforts at change.

BT Workers Are Fighting the Rigged Economy

Today’s BT Openreach strike is the first national telecoms strike in decades and the first national call centre strike in Britain’s history – it pits 40,000 underpaid workers against one of the most profitable corporations in the country.

The Media Made Boris Johnson

Despite their criticisms today, the British media backed Boris Johnson to the hilt when he was the alternative to Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist politics – and they would do it again in a second.

Out and Proud for the Miners

On this day in 1984, Mike Jackson helped establish Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, a solidarity group to aid the miners in their fight. Four decades later, Mike speaks to Tribune about the power of organising and solidarity.