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Tune into Tribune Radio


Tribune is launching a series of podcasts - kick start your week with the sound of socialism.

Michael Foot speaks alongside Jennie Lee at the 1953 Tribune Rally. (Credit: Tribune)

Tribune Radio is here!

You can now listen in on iTunes and Blubrry.

Our new podcast series kicks off with Alex Doherty’s Politics Theory Other, which joins the Tribune team in 2019.

Politics Theory Other is a podcast series on radical politics, critical theory and culture – with new episodes every week. Guests have included Grace Blakeley, Alex Nunns, Leo Panitch, Adam Tooze and Ash Sarkar.

You can listen to Politics Theory Other here – and, if you can spare it, please also support its work on Patreon.

We’ll be announcing more podcasts to join Tribune Radio in the coming year. Stay tuned!