A World to Win

A new podcast from Tribune and Grace Blakeley

A World to Win is a new podcast from Grace Blakeley and Tribune bringing you a weekly dose of socialist news, theory and action with guests from around the world.

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The podcast aims to educate and inform listeners about the current and historical struggles of socialists in different parts of the world, and to instil a sense of global solidarity by encouraging listeners to take action in support of different campaigns and movements.

This podcast was made possible by a grant from the Lipman-Miliband Trust. You can also support the podcast – and get access to exclusive behind the scenes content – by becoming a patron.

This week, Adele Walton speaks with Asad Rehman, director of War on Want, about how colonial legacies reproduce global inequality, and the need for an anticolonial climate justice movement.

In this week's episode, Grace Blakeley speaks to Bernie 2020 co-chair Nina Turner about the neoliberal campaign against the progressive agenda – and why working people must 'throw down' to defeat them.

This week, Grace speaks to former Labour leader and current Shadow Secretary for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Ed Miliband about fighting inequality and climate crisis, and his new book, Go Big: How to Fix Our World.

This week, Grace speaks to author and academic Linsey McGoey about how politicians exploit the difference between ignorance and deliberate misinformation, and why, if 'knowledge is power', ignorance can be too.

This week, Grace speaks to writer and historian Peter Mitchell about how the memory of empire manifests in today's politics, how Labour supports that trend, and how the Left should respond to emotive calls for a return to a better age.

On this week's episode, Grace speaks to Alexander Zevin, author of Liberalism at Large: The World According to the Economist, about the liberal ideology, whether liberalism is in crisis – and where the liberal world order goes next.