A World to Win

A new podcast from Tribune and Grace Blakeley

A World to Win is a podcast from Grace Blakeley and Tribune bringing you a weekly dose of socialist news, theory and action with guests from around the world.

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The podcast aims to educate and inform listeners about the current and historical struggles of socialists in different parts of the world, and to instil a sense of global solidarity by encouraging listeners to take action in support of different campaigns and movements.

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This week, Grace speaks to Phil Burton-Cartledge about why there's a dearth of Tory talent, and whether Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss have any answers to long-term issues facing both the country and the Conservative Party itself.

This week, Grace speaks to Mike Savage, author of The Return of Inequality, about the renewed focus on inequality in politics – and how different forms of inequality are inextricably linked.

This week, Grace speaks to Vicky Spratt, author of the book Tenants: The People on the Frontline of Britain's Housing Emergency. They discuss the multiple problems that tenants in the UK face - and how they are fighting back.

This week, Grace speaks to Eddie Dempsey, Senior Assistant General Secretary of the RMT, about the strike action being taken by the rail union up and down Britain.

This week, Grace talks to Kojo Koram, lecturer in law at Birkbeck and author of The War on Drugs and the Global Colour Line. They discuss Mayor of London Sadiq Khan's plan to conduct a review on the legalisation of cannabis, the roots of criminalisation, the neoliberal roots of the war on drugs, and why decriminalisation will save lives.

This week, Grace talks to John Bellamy Foster, professor of sociology at the University of Oregon and editor of Monthly Review. They discuss Marx's theory of nature and the relationship between humanity and nature under capitalism.

Grace talks to brilliant young climate campaigner Mikaela Loach about her work trying to shut down oil production in the North Sea, taking the government to court over fossil fuel subsidies, and the best ways to organise among Gen Z!

Grace is joined by Barnaby Raine, co-author of a recent essay analysing Russia's invasion of Ukraine. They discuss how a world-historic crisis of capitalism is fuelling the growth of nationalist and neo-fascist movements around the world, what that means for world politics, and how the left should respond.

In the latest episode, Grace talks to Sam Moore, co-author of The Rise of Ecofascism: Climate Change and the Far Right, about how the climate crisis is being weaponised by reactionaries – and how the left should respond.

Grace talks to Kojo Koram, who teaches in the School of Law at Birkbeck College, about who benefitted from the days of Britain’s formal empire, how imperialism continues to this day, and why the right are so keen to keep the culture wars alive.

On this week’s podcast, Grace talks to Sumi Rabindrakumar of the Trussell Trust about the roots of the cost of living crisis, who’s being worst hit, and what could be done to tackle it.

This week, Grace chats to David Wearing, author of 'AngloArabia: Why Gulf Wealth Matters to Britain', about Boris Johnson's recent trip to Saudi Arabia and the UAE – and how the energy crisis will transform world politics.

This week, Grace and Alfie Stirling, Chief Economist of the New Economics Foundation, look ahead to the Chancellor's spring statement – which looks set to contain very few of the measures needed to tackle the cost of living crisis.