A World to Win

A new podcast from Tribune and Grace Blakeley

A World to Win is a new podcast from Grace Blakeley and Tribune bringing you a weekly dose of socialist news, theory and action with guests from around the world.

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The podcast aims to educate and inform listeners about the current and historical struggles of socialists in different parts of the world, and to instil a sense of global solidarity by encouraging listeners to take action in support of different campaigns and movements.

This podcast was made possible by a grant from the Lipman-Miliband Trust. You can also support the podcast – and get access to exclusive behind the scenes content – by becoming a patron.

On this week's episode, Grace speaks to Jacobin staff writer Alex Press about Amazon’s worker exploitation, its union busting, and its avoidance of basic regulation in its quest to become the 'everything store' – plus how workers are fighting back.

This week, Grace talks to author and organiser Harsha Walia about the role of borders in capitalism and imperialism, and how the Left can resist right-wing populism in the age of nationalism.

This week, Grace speaks to Doug Henwood, author of Wall Street: How it Works and For Whom, about Biden’s stimulus package and what’s been going on in US stock markets – plus how workers can organise post-Covid.

In a special International Women's Day episode of A World to Win, Grace speaks to academic and author and Kristen Ghodsee about the failures of liberal feminism, and about how socialism can help us build happier, healthier relationships.

As we head into 2021, Grace Blakeley reflects on the first months of A World to Win podcast – and remembers some of the show's highlights along the way.