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Zarah Sultana

Zarah Sultana is the Labour party member of parliament for Coventry South.

Zarah Sultana: Ceasefire Now

‘There is absolutely no time to waste. The children killed in Gaza today could have been saved by a ceasefire agreed yesterday.’ Zarah Sultana urges MPs to be on the right side of history and vote for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Good Riddance Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has been a prime minister who exemplified Britain’s self-serving ruling class – but unless we organise for a real alternative, his replacement won’t be any better.

Socialism Is Freedom

Freedom under capitalism is the ‘freedom’ to exploit or be exploited. Real freedom is the absence of all barriers that prevent people from living life to the fullest — the socialist movement fights for this kind of world.

The Free Press Fantasy

We often hear that the media’s job is to hold power to account — but in reality, its function is to project the views of the powerful across society.

How Money Shapes Our Politics

Capitalism’s greatest myth is that it is a democratic system. While the rich dominate our parliament, fund our parties and own our newspapers, real democracy is impossible.

The Two Worlds of the Coronavirus Pandemic

This crisis has exposed Thatcher’s myth that there is ‘no such thing as society.’ In reality, the rich simply live as if they were responsible to no one – while others make their lives possible, argues Zarah Sultana.