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Cover Art by Kevin Zweerink

Autumn 2019

Table of Contents

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Chris McLaughlin

As I Please: A Time for Unity

Labour must come together if it is to stand any chance of winning the impending general election.

Nilufer Erdem

Selling Off Southend

The government is determined to privatise NHS assets and dismantle public land. But local activist groups are fighting back.

Mark Seddon

The Return of the Tribune Rally

A former Tribune editor recalls the Rally in decades past and welcomes its return to Labour Party conference this year.


James Meadway

Winning the General Election

Boris Johnson can be beaten. We should have every confidence that we can do it. Fundamentally, the ground is slipping away from the Tories. And if we can drag them onto our economic terrain — on climate change, and ownership — we can win.

Olivia Humphreys

The Desert Parliament

Soldiers during the Second World War were determined they would not return to the same Britain they left. So they set up their own parliament.

An Interview with Dov Khenin

Israel’s Left at a Crossroads

Dov Khenin, longtime member of the Knesset, discusses the decline of the Israeli left, the prospects for peace and the dangers posed by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Seán Byers

Fifty Years Since the Troubles

The sectarian riots of August 1969 marked the beginning of thirty years of bloodshed in Northern Ireland.

Laura Pidcock

It’s Time to Talk About Class

Laura Pidcock on what it means to be working class, why the establishment is so afraid of class analysis and how a politics based on class can empower collective action.

Alex Niven

The Great Unravelling

The United Kingdom is unlikely to survive in its current form. Now is the time for socialists to imagine what comes next.

Dave Ward

The Battle at Royal Mail

The CWU’s #WeRiseAgain campaign against market reforms of the postal service is one of the most important industrial battles of the decade.

Richard Detje and Dieter Sauer

The Far-Right at Work

Seventy decades after Nazism, Germany’s AFD are making landmark breakthroughs in the political arena. Why have so many workers turned towards them?


Grace Blakeley

Why Socialism

Capitalism is dying — but it’s up to us to build a system that can replace it.

Andrew Murray

Why the Left Came Back

The media treats Corbyn’s emergence as an anomaly. In fact, it is the product of decades of failed economic policies.

Len Mccluskey

In Defence of Liverpool

Boris Johnson is right to hate Liverpool — its proud history of working class struggle is the antithesis of everything he represents.

Matthew Brown and Asima Shaikh

Building Community Wealth

Labour councils in Preston and Islington are leading a new economic movement which shows what municipal socialism could look like.

Jonathan Ashworth

Inequality is Britain’s Greatest Illness

Where you live, what your background is and how much you earn still determine your health outcomes in Britain. The next Labour government must wage war on those health inequalities.

Deanne Ferguson

Life After Debt

Deanne Ferguson, Labour’s candidate for Morley and Outwood, on how debt nearly destroyed her life and why the party needs to wage a campaign against debt collection agencies.


Oleksiy Radynski

A Letter from Kyiv

The mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitaliy Klitschko has been pioneering governance through spectacle, where building tourist bridges is intended to distract from the near-total collapse of public infrastructure.

Huw Lemmey

The Unreliable Narrator

The Lebanese artist Walid Raad’s artworks make complex fictions about the relationships between art, war history, and politics.

Juliet Jacques

Poetic Politics

Néstor Perlongher’s combination of literary and political critique imagined a solidarity based on ‘a multitude of comrades, each more extravagant than the next’.

Carl Neville

The Promised Land

Gurinder Chadha’s Springsteen-themed blockbuster Blinded by the Light is a poignant account of the class and racial ties that bind.

Douglas Murphy

Lidos for All

The architecture of public baths can be the embodiment of communal luxury.