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Cover art by Christoph Kleinstück

Dec. – Nov. 2018

Table of Contents

Ronan Burtenshaw

The Old and the New

We’re relaunching Tribune because its politics endures.

Mark Seddon

Welcome Back Tribune

Our tradition of democratic socialist politics is needed now more than ever.

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Len McCluskey

The Country Club Cabal

Secret plots to sabotage a Labour government from within won’t be tolerated by the party membership.

Lara McNeill

Labour’s Democratic Renewal

The reforms proposed by Labour’s democracy review will open our party up to the working people it was made to represent.

Marcus Barnett

Organising Amazon

In recent months the GMB has waged a guerrilla campaign to help workers in one of the richest companies in the world fight appalling conditions.

Chris McLaughlin

As I Please

Finding a way into power is hard enough without stubborn opposition from within Labour.


Aydin Dikerdem and Matteo Tiratelli

A New Relationship With the World

A Jeremy Corbyn government would be the first time Britain’s socialist left was in charge of its foreign policy.

Tom Hazeldine

Friends of the North?

Northern England has been decimated by decades of Westminster neglect. Is Labour bold enough to change it?

Tom Blackburn

Culture and the Community

A new generation of socialists in Manchester and Salford are building radical institutions that bring politics to life.

Marcus Barnett

Remembering the 43 Group

After the Second World War, Jewish soldiers returned to Britain and had to fight fascism all over again.

Dawn Foster

Food Bank Britain

There is a new approach to poverty in Britain: starve people out of it.

Faiza Shaheen

The New Marginal

In 2010 Iain Duncan Smith won his east London constituency by 13,000 votes  — but now it’s trending red.

Dave Riley

Outcasts F.C.

In 1909 the FA forced its footballers to renounce their union. Manchester United’s refused ­— and went on strike.


Owen Jones

Clause IV at 100

A century after it was introduced, it’s time to renew Labour’s commitment to a socialist economy.

Joseph Ejiofor

Corbynism in Local Government

Haringey Council shifted to the left after the campaign against the HDV, now it’s time to deliver socialist policies.

Ellen Engelstad

Norway’s Bad Deal

Norway’s EEA agreement is held up as an example Britain should follow ­— but it has led to more than two decades of neoliberal policies.

Grace Blakeley

Britain’s Housing Casino

International speculators are playing games with our housing market ­— and we’re the ones losing.


Hannah Proctor

A Brief History of Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson’s message is simple: ‘evil’ is endemic to humanity and the domination of some people over others is biologically grounded

Robert Barry

Pop Populism

The UK singles chart has long been a barometer of popular desires. Today, it’s telling us that everything is up for grabs.

Rhian E. Jones

Politics After Satire?

It’s often said you can’t satirise politics anymore, but the Brexit fiasco ending in a socialist government would be a punchline of historic proportions.

Huw Lemmey

A People’s Photography

Tish Murtha’s camera captured working-class life in the rusting North East of the late twentieth century

M Sharmarke

A Letter from Stockholm

Growing up in Sweden was a dream — but today it has changed beyond all recognition.

Book Reviews

Agata Pyzik

Sex and Socialism

Communist Czechoslovakia developed radical ideas about sexuality and women’s equality.

Houman Barekat

Surveillance Dystopia

In Sam Byers’ future, tech utopians and right-wing populists find common ground.

Juliet Jacques

Mario Mieli’s Gay Communism

As the LGBT community makes progress on legal rights, its politics are haunted by those who asked more radical questions.