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Cover art by Supermundane

Spring 2019

Table of Contents

Ronan Burtenshaw

A Challenge to Labour’s Moderates

Labour’s moderates, led by Tom Watson, recently founded a social democratic caucus within the party. But what do they mean by social democracy?

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Huda Elmi

Cuts and Crime

Media narratives on the knife crime epidemic ignore the social conditions behind the headlines.

Gemma Weavis Long

Standing for Labour

First time candidate Gemma Weavis Long on her path into politics and campaign for council.

Lara McNeill

Why Political Education Matters

Young Labour will hold its first political school in May — Lara McNeill, YL’s NEC rep, explains why it’s so important.

Chris McLaughlin

As I Please: Beyond Brexit

Labour needs to build the case for a better future beyond Brexit, or risk getting lost in the din.

Rikin Parekh

The Fighting Gig Economy

The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s exploitative relationship with its fighters is the sports equivalent of Uber and Deliveroo.


Leo Panitch

Miliband’s Masterpiece

Fifty years after it was published, The State in Capitalist Society remains indispensable for any socialist movement with ambitions of government.

Angela Rayner and Gordon Marsden

The Open University at 50

The OU is one of Labour’s greatest achievements — and the next government can revive its spirit.

An Interview with Alberto Garzón

Spain’s Next Steps

Unidos Podemos MP Alberto Garzón on the challenges facing the Spanish left in April’s general election.

Alex Niven

The Socialism of T. Dan Smith

T. Dan Smith is often derided as a symbol of council corruption, but his vision to transform Newcastle into a modern, socialist ‘Brasilia of the North’ should be remembered.

Wendy Liu

Journalism’s Digital Difficulties

The internet age has precipitated a crisis in journalism. But the solution isn’t paywalls or more advertising: it’s public funding.

Alice Martin, Aidan Harper, and Margaret Welsh

It’s Time to Shorten the Working Week

Faced with a deep economic and ecological crisis, we need to build a movement to cut working hours without reducing pay.


James Meadway

Against MMT

We cannot flush away our social problems on a tide of government-printed money.

Alex Sobel

The Bitcoin Scam

Despite the utopian claims of its proponents, bitcoin is a right-wing nightmare which facilitates tax evasion, money laundering, and environmental degradation.

Sarah Glenister

A New Deal for Workers

After decades where workers’ terms and conditions have diminished, a progressive government must reset workplace relations.

Jon Trickett

The Fire Next Time

The Labour government a decade ago stemmed the tide of financial disaster but failed to take the transformative steps needed to change the system. The next Labour government must be different.


Asa Roast

A Letter from Chongqing

The metropolis of western China has built thousands of council flats for its migrant workers. Does it really offer an alternative to China’s state–driven capitalism?

Hannah Proctor

From Marx to Freud

In 1969, Herbert Marcuse’s ‘An Essay on Liberation’ combined Marx and Freud, and inspired thousands of radicals. How liberating is it fifty years later?

Douglas Murphy

Social Cleansers for Beauty

Supporters of traditional architecture tell us that they’re just giving us what we want, while taking our homes away from us.

Huw Lemmey

The Arts of Life

Reacting to two different eras of capitalist ‘rationality,’ William Blake and Jesse Darling’s works in Tate Britain use the myth of St. Jerome to celebrate the imperfections of the human body.

Charlotte Lydia Riley

Museums on Trial

Activist-led tours of our major museums can help us to read history against the grain.

Carl Neville

Shoplifters of Japan, Unite

Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Palme d’Or–winning film focuses on an unusual Japanese family and their attempts to live in the cracks of a failing system.

Owen Hatherley

Red Library: New Worlds

In this issue’s Red Library, we delve into today’s Utopias, ranging from children’s communes to Amazon distribution centres, from asteroid mining to menstrual extractors.

Juliet Jacques

Starlets of the Revolution

João Moreira Salles’ In the Intense Now shows how the revolutionaries of the sixties used — and were used by — the media.