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Cover art by Maus Bullhorst

Winter 2019 (Out Now)

Table of Contents

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Navendu Mishra

The Year Ahead for Labour’s NEC

Navendu Mishra, newly-elected member of Labour’s national executive committee, on planning for a general election and emboldening the party’s mass member- ship to deliver socialist transformation.

Lauren Townsend

Organising TGIs

There’s no future for trade unions without young workers, and recent campaigns in the hospitality sector show that they can be organised.

Dave Ward

Make the Post Public Again

Five years on from privatisation, it’s time to take postal services back into public hands — and revolutionise their relationship to workers and communities.

Tony Burke

The Tories’ Industrial Failure

Ideological opposition to state aid has seen big promises on industrial policy dissipate into more job losses and deindustrialisation.

Chris McLaughlin

As I Please: Year in Review

Tribune Editor-at-large Chris McLaughlin takes stock of 2018 and looks to the challenges of the year ahead.

Tim Roache

Striking Back

Precarity, lack of representation, and injuries have had devastating impacts on the lives of non-league footballers. Now, with the help of the GMB, they’re starting to unionise.


Laura McAlpine

The Town that Labour Built

After the Second World War, Labour built Harlow’s new town as a haven for working-class life. If we are to win it back, we need to show the same ambition for its future.

Conrad Landin

The Govan By-Election: Thirty Years On

In November 1988 the SNP overturned a Labour majority of 13,000 in a campaign that foreshadowed their rise to the top of Scottish politics.

Ahed Tamimi

Symbol of Resistance

One year ago Ahed Tamimi was arrested for slapping an Israeli soldier. Despite her time in prison, she remains defiant.

Guillaume Long

Latin America’s Rightward Turn

A decade ago Latin America was the Left’s great hope. How did the dreams of the Pink Tide give way to the horrors of Bolsonaro?


David Harvey

A Tale of Three Cities

David Harvey traces our changing relationship to housing through the city of use value, the city of exchange value, and the city of speculative gain.

Grace Blakeley

Another Britain Is Possible

The Left must meet this moment in history with a bold plan to remake our economy — or someone else will.

Mark Fisher

There Is an Alternative

An edited extract from the newly-published anthology of socialist writer Mark Fisher (1968–2017).

Dawn Foster

Love Thy Neighbour

As capitalism continues to hollow out our lives, socialists and Christians can find common cause in the fight against its injustices.

Antonia Jennings

An NHS for People and Planet

It’s time to design an NHS fit for the twenty-first century — public, universal, free, and fighting climate change.

Colin Meech

Pension Fund Socialism

Skilled and organised workers are now majority shareholders of companies across the world — could we wield this power for socialism?


Owen Hatherley

Looking Back on the World Revolution

Starting a bi-monthly books column, Owen Hatherley looks at a stack of new memoirs and collections on revolutionary ‘Third Worldism’, from 1920s China to 1980s Burkina Faso.

Douglas Murphy

Real Utopias

Do Switzerland’s housing co-ops offer a solution to Britain’s housing crisis?

Juliet Jacques

Ernst Toller: In Memoriam

As a socialist playwright, revolutionary president, and exile from the Nazis, Ernst Toller’s life and work demonstrated the importance of conviction in creativity.

Robert Barry

Can We Imagine a Socialist Spotify?

Streaming services are hastening music’s subservience to advertising and ripping off musicians — but they could serve more utopian purposes.

Charlotte Lydia Riley

The People’s University

The pioneering Open University was Harold Wilson’s brainchild, but it was Jennie Lee’s social vision that brought it to fruition.

Carl Neville

Documenting Dignity

The latest film by Agnes Varda is a warm reflection on her cinematic history, and a reminder that those on the margins of society are often most worthy of the camera’s gaze.

Rhian E. Jones

Do Miners Read Dickens?

The history of the working class in Britain has been a history of creativity and dignity in the face of harsh and demoralising circumstances.

Agata Pyzik

A Letter from Warsaw

In Poland’s bleak post-Communist politics, the nationalists are increasingly defeating the neoliberals by identifying themselves with popular interests.