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Preview the new issue ofĀ Tribune, out next week, and get a friend a half price gift subscriptionĀ starting at just Ā£15 for a full year of print.

Our latest issue leads with two 50th anniversary essays. The first celebrates Ralph Milibandā€™s seminalĀ TheĀ State in Capitalist Society, and is written by Milibandā€™s successor as editor of theĀ Socialist RegisterĀ Leo Panitch. The second, written by Labourā€™s Shadow Education team Angela Rayner and Gordon Marsden, looks at the legacy of the Open University and what a socialist government could do to revive the spirit of popular education in the 21st century.

Also included in the issue: Dawn Foster on the scandal of child poverty in Britain; former advisor to John McDonnell, James Meadway, examines Modern Monetary Theory; Unidos Podemos MP Alberto GarzĆ³n on the prospects for the Spanish left; radical policy proposals for a Corbyn government on shortening the working week, revolutionising industrial relations and rebuilding Britainā€™s industrial capacity; Charlotte Riley on the political battles over the artefacts stocking Britain’s museums; and Rhian E. Jones on the uniforms of radical movements in the centuries preceding the gilets jaunes.

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