Five Ways You Can Support Tribune in 2020

There's never been a more urgent time to support socialist alternatives to Britain's right-wing media. If you believe in what Tribune is trying to do - here's five ways to get behind us.

This was a difficult year for the Left – the general election defeat heralds not only more years of Tory government, but the end of a Corbyn project which inspired so much hope that fundamental social and economic change could be on the horizon.

And yet, our cause endures. More than a decade after the financial crash capitalism remains in crisis, its motor spluttering on but delivering progress only to the very few.

The days when the word capitalism could be associated with dynamism, freedom and prosperity are long past. Today, it is synonymous with inequality, greed and exploitation.

But this, on its own, does not guarantee a socialist victory. The past century has proven that capitalist crisis can lead just as often to darkness.

That is why we need a socialist press capable of bringing our vision for the future to wider audiences. Recent years have proven that relying on a billionaire-owned right-wing media to communicate our message is a costly error.

Tribune exists to provide an alternative, not just to the likes of Rupert Murdoch but to the liberal outlets – which have shown themselves just as hostile to socialist aspirations.

In order to grow, we need your support. Here’s how you can give it:

1. If you are not already a subscriber, you can subscribe today for just £12 for a year of print (or £10 digital).

2. You can also get bulk discount subscriptions for your CLP, Labour Club, union branch or other organisation – email [email protected] for more information.

3. If you are a subscriber – make sure to renew before our January issue. And why not give a comrade a New Year gift subscription for just £10?

4. You can also donate to Tribune today – with monthly recurring donations especially useful to help us expand.

5. And finally, if you want to become more actively involved, why not join our growing network of Tribune reading groups? Those interested in starting or joining one can email [email protected].

The 2020s can be socialist.

But to make them so, we must build our own institutions.

Together, we can make Tribune the real alternative our media so desperately needs.