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Ronan Burtenshaw

Ronan Burtenshaw is the editor of Tribune.

How the Left Lost the Battle over the Elite

In the aftermath of the Financial Crash, it briefly looked like a left-wing alternative would benefit from anti-elite sentiment. But in recent years, the Right has waged a campaign to portray the Left as an out-of-touch elite — and turned the tide of politics in the process.

The Property Cult

The right-wing proclaims itself a champion of freedom, but an interrogation of its history reveals an altogether different priority – the centuries-long defence of property and the propertied.

The US Left in the Biden Era

DSA’s Carlos Ramirez-Rosa speaks to Tribune about the future of the growing socialist movement in the United States after Donald Trump – and how the Left should approach the Biden administration.

Remembering Leo Panitch

Tribune editor Ronan Burtenshaw pays tribute to the late socialist writer Leo Panitch, who passed away yesterday – but not before he helped to shape the politics which made Tribune’s relaunch possible.