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Ronan Burtenshaw

Ronan Burtenshaw is the editor of Tribune.

Remembering Leo Panitch

Tribune editor Ronan Burtenshaw pays tribute to the late socialist writer Leo Panitch, who passed away yesterday – but not before he helped to shape the politics which made Tribune’s relaunch possible.

Labour Disconnected

This week’s Labour conference speech was the clearest indication yet of Keir Starmer’s intention to retreat from socialist principles – and the radical transformation that this country desperately needs.

After Bernie

Yesterday’s loss for Bernie Sanders was a tough pill to swallow. But could it have been avoided? And where does the US Left go next? We discussed the campaign and its aftermath with talkshow host Michael Brooks.

Thank You Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders took socialism out of the margins and into the American mainstream for the first time in generations. That makes him a historic figure whose legacy will far outlast his critics.