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Ronan Burtenshaw

Ronan Burtenshaw is the editor of Tribune.

Thank You Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders took socialism out of the margins and into the American mainstream for the first time in generations. That makes him a historic figure whose legacy will far outlast his critics.

A Decade on the Left

Tribune speaks to Leo Panitch about the lessons learned from the last decade on the Left – from Occupy Wall Street to Syriza, Podemos, Corbyn and Bernie Sanders.

Why We Lost

In 2017, Corbynism was a vibrant socialist project with a real prospect of power — in the two years since, it inflicted many of its own wounds.

The Starmer Narrative

Keir Starmer’s campaign rests on the idea that Labour lost in December because it didn’t have a polished leader who could play the Westminster game effectively – if he wins on this basis, the lurch to the Right will be swift.

Why We Need a Socialist

It’s not enough for Labour leadership candidates to just say they’ll support radical policies. They need to prove they’ll fight for them – against big business, the political establishment and the billionaire-owned press.

In Defence of Salford

The Murdoch press has started its attacks on Rebecca Long Bailey and her Salford ‘mafia’. It’s not hard to figure out why – Salford is a proud and radical working-class community that points the way forward for the Labour Left in 2020.

It Was Never Going to Be Easy

Labour lost this election not because it was too much of a working-class party, but because it was too little of one in too many places. Our cause endures – but now is the time to steel ourselves for the next fight.

Lifting the Floor

Labour’s manifesto shows that the party understands the urgency of the burning injustices that are stunting the lives of millions in Britain today – and is prepared to take action to end them.

Corbyn Comes Out Swinging

Tomorrow Jeremy Corbyn will launch Labour’s manifesto with a firebrand speech that takes on the elite who have rigged our economy – and promises a future worth fighting for.

For Victory and Socialism

Labour must avoid being dragged to the centre in this general election campaign. It’s time to make the case for socialist policies that would transform the lives of millions.