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Marcus Barnett

Marcus Barnett is associate editor at Tribune.

The Tory Attack on Worker Education

The Tory government's decision to scrap the Union Learning Fund – which has helped millions of workers engage in lifelong learning – reveals a deep contempt for working people and their life aspirations.

When the Unemployed Fought Back

In the 1920s and '30s, the National Unemployed Workers' Movement mobilised thousands to resist the indignities of unemployment. As we enter another economic crisis, we should learn from their fight.

Salford Against Coronavirus

Socialist councillors in Salford are enabling large-scale community support to make sure that there’s somebody looking after everyone who needs it during the coronavirus crisis.

In Defence of Salford

The Murdoch press has started its attacks on Rebecca Long Bailey and her Salford 'mafia'. It's not hard to figure out why - Salford is a proud and radical working-class community that points the way forward for the Labour Left in 2020.

In the Red Corner

To celebrate Black History Month, we remember Len Johnson - the Manchester boxer denied a title shot because of his race who went on to become a left-wing radical.