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Support Politics Theory Other in 2020

Tribune Radio's Politics Theory Other podcast is launching #PTO1000 this week – a fundraising drive to help expand its output and produce new series on the climate crisis and the rise of the far-right.

Today, the Politics Theory Other podcast is launching #PTO1000 – a campaign to get 1,000 listeners of the show to become monthly subscribers.

Politics Theory Other joined the Tribune stable last year as a resident podcast on Tribune Radio. Its aim is to help build the intellectual capacities of the left to transform society. Our movement needs popular ways of accessing ideas, analysis and, yes, theory. With your support, we can scale up our work and achieve so much more.

Politics Theory Other takes ideas seriously. Thirty years of neoliberal assault on political education has left much intellectual critique of capitalist society walled off within the academy. PTO brings that critique to life, exploring powerful but sometimes difficult ideas in an accessible way.

From Adam Tooze on the financial crash to Adom Getachew on anticolonial movements, Politics Theory Other brings you the best radical thought going. And from Momentum’s Emma Rees to Extinction Rebellion’s Roger Hallam we also talk to campaigners and social movement activists in a critical and constructive way, probing them with questions that take the level of the debate beyond Twitter spats.

But now we want to take Politics Theory Other up a level. Run on a proverbial shoestring, currently the show’s content is limited to one long form episode a week and bonus episodes for Patreon subscribers. With your help the show will expand. Our plan is to:

  • Produce regular timely interventions responding to the latest developments in the news cycle

  • Expand our coverage of international politics, stretching to every corner of the world

  • Run special series on topics including the climate emergency, the rise of the global far right, and mental health in the neoliberal world.

So, if you find Politics Theory Other valuable and if you want to support left media please consider joining the #PTO1000 campaign. For a limited time new patrons can also sign up for the following special offers:

  • A one year free subscription to Tribune magazine for the first 20 $8 patrons

  • A 50% discount on a one year Tribune subscription for the first 50 $5 subscribers

  • Until the end of February all new $3 patrons will get 60% off the ebook of Mario Tronti’s Workers and Capital

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