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1. “Proudly Socialist”: A Conversation with Jeremy Corbyn

In the first episode of A World to Win, Grace interviews former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn about the past five years, the government's handling of the pandemic – and the future of socialism.

A World to Win

“Who do we remember? Do we remember the Home Secretaries that imprisoned the Chartists? Or do we remember the Chartists for what they stood for, albeit unsuccessful in the immediate time?” – Jeremy Corbyn

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Welcome to the first episode of A World to Win with Grace Blakeley!

Today, Grace is joined by Jeremy Corbyn to discuss to the UK government’s disastrous handling of the coronavirus pandemic, the rise and fall of Corbynism, and the future of socialism within the Labour Party.

For the first time ever, hear Jeremy on the “absurd” discussions he had with the government about its herd immunity strategy and why the furlough scheme was unlikely to have been implemented without significant pressure from key figures in the Opposition.

Thanks to our producer, Conor Gillies, and our graphic designer, Kevin Zweerink, for their hard work on this episode. Remember, you can support the show by signing up as a patron.

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