2. “Neoliberal Authoritarianism”: An Interview with Guillaume Long

In the second episode of A World to Win, Grace discusses the rise of Latin America's new right-wing with Guillaume Long, former foreign minister of Ecuador under Rafael Correa.

A World to Win

“What we’re seeing right now in Latin America is what a lot of scholars are calling ‘neoliberal authoritarianism’.” – Guillaume Long

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In the second episode of A World to Win, Grace talks to former foreign minister of Ecuador Guillaume Long about the impact of Covid-19 in the country, the rise and fall of the Correa government and the growth of ‘neoliberal authoritarianism’ in Latin America.

Long discusses the “huge cuts” imposed in recent years by Ecuador’s Moreno administration, an austerity plan which has seen public investment in the health sector halved and 10 percent of public health workers laid off with the support of the IMF.

He also explains the campaign of ‘lawfare,’ which has sought to criminalise Rafael Correa and prevent him from returning to office, and the systematic retaliation from Western governments to Ecuador’s progressive economic and environmental policies under Correa’s government.

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