7. Liberation and Domination: An Interview with Cornel West

In this episode of A World to Win, Grace speaks to philosopher and activist Cornel West about American politics today – from Black Lives Matter to the Trump presidency and the challenges facing the Left.

A World to Win

“With a neo-fascist gangster in the White House, we have to be part of an anti-fascist coalition.”

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On this week’s show, Grace Blakeley is joined by author, academic and activist Cornel West to discuss radical politics in the United States.

West, a philosopher at Harvard’s African and African-American Studies Department, gives his views on Black Lives Matter, the “neo-fascism” of Donald Trump and the need to critique the role of American empire across the world.

He also discusses how the Left can fight back against these morbid symptoms, by building a socialist spirituality, a culture of resistance and broad coalitions for social change which can transform the political landscape.

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