12. US Election Special: with Briahna Joy Gray and Matt Karp

On this week's A World to Win, Grace is joined by former Bernie spokesperson Briahna Joy Gray and Jacobin contributing editor Matt Karp to discuss the US election chaos – and what it all means for the Left.

A World to Win

“Neither neoliberal centrism nor nationalist populism can address the fundamental problems facing America.”

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This week we have a US election special on A World to Win, as the world’s leading superpower melts down over a cliff-edge presidential contest.

Grace Blakeley is joined by two guests – former Bernie Sanders national press secretary Briahna Joy Gray and Jacobin contributing editor Matt Karp – to discuss the Biden landslide that never was, the deep polarisation in American politics and the way forward for the US Left.

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Thanks to our producer, Conor Gillies, and Tribune’s designer Kevin Zweerink for their work on this episode. This podcast is supported by the Lipman-Miliband Trust.

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