15. The Rise of the Movement-Party: A Discussion with Pablo Bustinduy

In this week's A World to Win, Grace Blakeley is joined by former Podemos MP Pablo Bustinduy to discuss the party's roots, its path into government – and the future of the movement-party.

A World to Win

“Podemos is an offspring of an international democratic movement… a rearticulation of the Left after the long decades of neoliberalism.”

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On this week’s show Grace Blakeley is joined by Pablo Bustinduy, former Madrid MP and international spokesperson for Spanish left-wing party Podemos.

In this episode they discuss Podemos’ roots in the indignados movement, its development into a movement-party and its path into coalition government with the centre-left PSOE.

They also talk about the impact of the pandemic on Spain’s fragile economy, and the likely long-term economic, political and social shifts caused by Covid-19.

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