16. #EndSARS: An interview with Sa’eed Husaini

In this week's episode of A World to Win, Grace speaks to Africa is a Country contributor Sa'eed Husaini about the #EndSARS protests, the hangovers of empire and the future of socialism in Nigeria.

A World to Win

“#EndSARS represented an early spark of radical organising, but we’re still far from seeing a wider critique of the status quo.”

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This week Grace Blakeley is joined by Sa’eed Husaini, socialist activist and contributor to Africa is a Country and Jacobin.

Sa’eed recently completed a PhD at the University of Oxford and is now living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. He discusses the recent #EndSARS protests, the economic and health impact of COVID 19 in Nigeria, and the history and future of the Nigerian left.

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