22. No Holding Back: An Interview with Ian Lavery and Laura Smith

In this week's A World to Win, Grace speaks to former Labour Chair Ian Lavery MP and former MP Laura Smith about the party, the impact of Brexit, and the future of the Left after the pandemic.

A World to Win

‘Labour isn’t the default party of working people anymore – we’ve got to challenge that and bring it back.’

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In this week’s episode of A World to Win, Grace talks to Ian Lavery MP, former Chair of the Labour Party, and Laura Smith, former MP for Crewe and Nantwitch, about their new project No Holding Back, which you can find online and on Twitter.

We discuss whether the Labour Party is still the party of the working classes, the likely impact of Brexit on the UK, and how the Left can rebuild trust with communities across the country in the wake of the pandemic.

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Thanks to our producer Conor Gillies and the Lipman-Miliband Trust for making this episode possible.

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