23. When Activism Is Called Terrorism: An Interview with Ben Smoke

This week, Grace speaks to Stansted 15 activist Ben Smoke about the hostile environment, the power of direct action, and the steady degradation of human rights in Britain.

A World to Win

‘The government have successfully whipped up moral panics around various things, but immigration is their star child.’

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This week, Grace talks to Ben Smoke, one of the members of the Stansted 15 – a group of activists who stopped a mass deportation flight from taking off from Stansted airport in 2017, and were then tried under law designed to prosecute terrorists.

They discuss the details of the protest and the trial, the government’s barbaric approach to migration policy, and why successive Tory governments seem so adept at breaking international human rights law.

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Thanks to our producer Conor Gillies and the Lipman-Miliband Trust for making this episode possible.

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