24. The War on Disabled People: An Interview with Ellen Clifford

In this week's episode, Grace is joined by activist and author Ellen Clifford to discuss the impact of successive governments' human rights violations, a decade of austerity, and the pandemic on the lives of disabled people in Britain.

A World to Win

‘It’s fundamental that people understand the social model of disability – that disability is a matter of social, political, and economic oppression.’

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This week, Grace talks to Ellen Clifford, author of The War on Disabled People: Capitalism, Welfare and the Making of a Human Catastrophe (ZED Books, 2020), who is on the steering committee of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC).

They discuss successive UK governments’ breaches of the human rights of disabled people, how the Left can be made a more inclusive space for disabled activists, and how the pandemic has affected the lives of disabled people after a decade of austerity.

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Thanks to our producer Conor Gillies and the Lipman-Miliband Trust for making this episode possible.

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