33. Planet on Fire: An Interview with Mat Lawrence and Laurie Laybourn-Langton

In the latest episode of A World to Win, Grace Blakeley is joined by Mat Lawrence and Laurie Laybourn-Langton to discuss their new book 'Planet on Fire' – and how we can organise against climate disaster.

A World to Win

‘These interlocking crises of the environment are not separate from the crises we see in care, the economy and inequality; they actually share a common root.’

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This week, Grace talks to Mat Lawrence, director of the think tank Common Wealth, and Laurie Layborn Langton, author and researcher, about their new book Planet on Fire: A Manifesto for the Age of Environmental Breakdown.

Planet on Fire argues that ‘the political status quo has no answer to the devastating and inequitably distributed consequences of the climate emergency’ and, in this episode, the guests discuss the multiple overlapping ecological, economic, and political crises the world is facing in the era of environmental breakdown, as well as how the Left should respond.

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