36. Where Labour Won: An Interview with Matthew Brown and Paul Dennett

This week, Grace speaks to Paul Dennett, the city-mayor of Salford, and Matthew Brown, the leader of Preston City Council, about why explicitly socialist campaigns defied Labour's election downturn.

A World to Win

‘We need to not be ashamed of traditional Labour values. This is about interventionism, it’s about new municipalism, it’s about people over profit.’

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In a week that saw Keir Starmer’s Labour tank in the local elections, Grace speaks to two brilliant local leaders who managed to defy the downturn.

Matthew Brown is leader of Preston City Council and the driving force behind the Preston Model, as well as the co-author of Paint Your Town Red, which you can buy now from Repeater Books. Paul Dennett is the city-mayor of Salford, and a frequent contributor to Tribune, including a recent piece on why socialist Salford bucked the trend in the elections.

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