46. Asset Manager Capitalism: An Interview with Adrienne Buller and Ben Braun

This week, Grace talks to researchers Adrienne Buller and Ben Braun about where the power really lies in big corporations – and whether worker ownership can change the game.

A World to Win

‘Most of the time, workers have no say in corporate governance decisions – which isn’t to say that they couldn’t.’

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This week, Grace speaks to Adrienne Buller and Ben Braun. Adrienne is a senior research fellow at the think tank Common Wealth, and Ben is a political scientist at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies. They recently co-authored a paper entitled ‘Under new management: Share ownership and the rise of UK asset manager capitalism‘.

With Grace, Adrienne and Ben discuss the rise of the big three asset managers, who really makes the big decisions in today’s corporations, and whether workers can ever hope to use their power as shareholders to change capitalism.

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