54. No Final Defeat: An Interview with Nina Turner

In this week's episode, Grace Blakeley speaks to Bernie 2020 co-chair Nina Turner about the neoliberal campaign against the progressive agenda – and why working people must 'throw down' to defeat them.

A World to Win

“The neoliberals will stop at nothing to thwart our agenda of using public policy to improve the material conditions of the people.”

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This week, Grace Blakeley speaks to Senator Nina Turner, the former Ohio State Senator and co-chair of Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Presidential Campaign.

Grace spoke to Senator Turner at the Labour Party conference in Brighton (after her appearance at the Tribune Rally!) about organising within the Democratic Party, the future of the US left under Biden, and what lessons we can all learn from the defeats of the past few years—as well as how to make sure we don’t give up hope.

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A production note: because of a technical issue, we had to switch to an imperfect back-up recording about twenty minutes into the episode.

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