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Alex Niven

Alex Niven is a writer, editor, and lecturer in English at Newcastle University. His books include  Folk Opposition, Definitely Maybe 33 1/3, and the forthcoming New Model Island.

The Great Unravelling

The United Kingdom is unlikely to survive in its current form. Now is the time for socialists to imagine what comes next.

Football for the Many

Across the country, football supporters are growing alienated from the modern game - soulless, expensive and dominated by oligarchs. Labour wants to give power back to the fans.

Has Labour Lost the North?

Deindustrialisation, privatisation, and then austerity produced decades of decline in the north of England. Labour must fight its corner again — before it’s too late.

The Socialism of T. Dan Smith

Often derided as a symbol of corruption, T. Dan Smith's vision of a modern, socialist 'Brasilia of the North' transformed Newcastle and deserves to be remembered.