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Andy McDonald

Andy McDonald is the former Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights and Protections. He is the Labour Party Member of Parliament for Middlesbrough.

How Workers Won Big at the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court’s Kostal decision is a victory for workers, protecting collective bargaining from bullying bosses – now it’s time for a revival of the workers’ movement to make these rights real in the workplace.

Andy McDonald: Why I Resigned

In an article for Tribune, Andy McDonald explains his decision to resign from the Shadow Cabinet – and argues that Keir Starmer’s broken promises mean he should seek a new mandate as Labour leader.

Telling the Truth About Buses

Lisa Nandy’s criticisms of Labour’s bus policies in the last election were wrong on the facts – and that’s a bad way to begin understanding what went wrong, argues Andy McDonald.

Ending the Rail Nightmare

Labour in government will end a miserable decade for Britain’s commuters by bringing rail into the 21st century with nationalisation, cheaper fares and real investment in improving services.

Boris’ Lies on Buses

Boris Johnson’s latest attempts to pass himself off as a man of the people involve proclaiming his love for buses – but in the last decade the Tories have decimated bus services and the communities that rely on them.

Why Buses Matter

More journeys are made on buses than any other form of public transport. Labour’s pledge to reverse cuts will improve millions of people’s lives.