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Carys Kettlety

Carys Kettlety is the director of National Food Service Bristol.

Malnourishing Britain

Malnutrition cases have doubled since the start of Tory Party rule. That isn’t an accident – it’s the predictable consequence of policies designed to make people poorer.

It’s Time to End Summer Hunger

This week marks the start of the summer holidays for kids across England and Wales. For too many, that means six weeks without enough food – a problem this government could solve, if it wanted to.

Food Banks Shouldn’t Exist

Last year, the Trussell Trust distributed a record-breaking 2.5 million emergency food parcels. That charitable giving isn’t cause for celebration – it’s proof of the total abdication of responsibility by our politicians.

Child Hunger Is a Political Choice

There is enough wealth in Britain to feed every child, yet 14% of families with children experience food insecurity – that is a political choice, not an inevitability, and it’s time those in power were held to account.

Why We Need a National Food Service

Across the country, activists are working to provide food to those who need it without the involvement of private profiteers. A National Food Service is being built from the ground up – now, it needs public funding.