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Chris Saltmarsh

Chris Saltmarsh is co-founder of Labour for a Green New Deal. His first book is Burnt: Fighting for Climate Justice (Pluto Press, September 2021).

Labour’s Late Start

This year’s conference has shown Labour at last willing to intervene in a failing private energy system, but still not ready to do what the scale of this crisis really demands: getting rid of that system altogether.

Public Transport Should Be Free

Spain is making short and medium train journeys free from September to the end of the year. To fight the cost of living and climate crises, we should do the same in Britain – but roll it out to all public transport, and make it permanent.

Bezos vs. the Bridge

Jeff Bezos’ new superyacht is so big that it may require a historic Rotterdam bridge to be dismantled to allow it to reach the sea – a perfect illustration of capitalism’s idiotic excesses.

Greenwashing Capitalism

As the climate crisis deepens, corporate interests are adopting the language of environmentalism – but their ultimate aim is to defend the system that is destroying the planet.