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Daniel Finn

Daniel Finn is the features editor at Jacobin.

The Sun is Going to Get People Killed

By publishing far-right conspiracies like ‘Hijacked Labour,’ whose evidence was sourced from neo-Nazi websites, The Sun is setting left-wingers and journalists up to be attacked – or even killed.

In Trump’s Shadow

Ahead of today’s NATO Summit, Britain faces a choice – line up behind Trump’s America on the world stage, or break with it and pursue a foreign policy of peace under Jeremy Corbyn.

Justice for the 96

Thirty years after the Hillsborough disaster, yesterday’s verdict reaffirmed a rule of British society: the ruling class are never held accountable for the crimes they commit against working people.

Trashing Peace in Northern Ireland

By lining up behind hardline loyalists and advocating impunity for state-sanctioned killings, the Tories have undermined decades of peace building in Northern Ireland in just a few short years.

Austerity’s Little Helpers

The Lib Dems want to reduce this election to Brexit because their record in government – including Jo Swinson’s time as minister – helped to deepen many of Britain’s worst injustices.

Has Labour ‘Enabled Brexit’?

At every step of the way since 2016 it has been Labour that acted to stop the worst fallout from the Tories’ Brexit plans while the Lib Dems exploited the crisis for political gain.