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Emmanuel Onapa

Emmanuel Onapa is a freelance writer with bylines in the Independent, Huffpost, and I-D. He also works with Hackney Account, a police monitoring group, and the 4frontproject.

It’s Time to End Kettling

The practice of ‘kettling’ protestors has become increasingly popular with police in the past decade – but its widespread use is an attack on democratic rights, and has little to do with public safety.

Birmingham’s African Liberation Day

In 1977, as Britain marked the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, black residents of Birmingham organised an act of solidarity with liberation movements the world over. For Black History Month, we remember African Liberation Day.

The Radical Legacy of Bernie Grant

On this day in 1987, Bernie Grant was elected as one of Britain’s first black MPs. He spent his career dedicated to the trade unionism and racial justice – and changed the political landscape of the country for good.