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Houman Barekat

Houman Barekat is a literary critic and co-editor of The Digital Critic: Literary Culture Online.

Brilliant Futures

Thuận’s novel Chinatown moves from Hanoi to Leningrad to Paris, as its Vietnamese migrant narrator charts how the ‘future’ shifted in the 1990s from the East to West.

The Story of a Suppressed Massacre

William Gardner Smith’s republished 1963 novel ‘The Stone Face’ tells the story of a black artist who hopes to escape American racism in Paris – only to encounter the French government’s violent suppression of the struggle for Algerian independence.

Hamburg’s Social Romantics

A new book explores the development of St. Pauli, a German football club whose fans responded to the decay of the 1980s and rise of the far-right on the terraces by adopting radical politics.

Jess Phillips Is Not the Answer

Jess Phillips wants to present herself as a truth-teller who is in touch with the concerns of ordinary people – but behind the shtick she is a candidate for whom PR matters more than politics.