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Huw Lemmey

Huw Lemmey writes on culture, cities, and sexuality.

The Rebel Diplomat

In 1916, the English diplomat Roger Casement was stripped of his knighthood and executed for his participation in the Easter Rising. His homosexuality, uncovered in the trial, still defines his contested legacy.

Bad Company

Huw Lemmey and Ben Miller talk to Juliet Jacques about their podcast and book ‘Bad Gays’, and about the ways in which LGBT history and current politics intersect.

The Hounds of Love

A new book on the pioneering but deeply eccentric socialist psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich is full of lessons on the links between the body, trauma, and politics.

Northumbrian Psycho

Eliza Clark’s shlock horror novel Boy Parts is an unreliably-narrated account of violence and ambition, which doubles as a portrait of national dysfunction.

Images of a Workers’ Barcelona

A newly-discovered archive of photos from revolutionary Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War depicts the collectives, institutions and workplaces of a society run by workers themselves.

The Arts of Life

Reacting to two different eras of capitalist ‘rationality,’ William Blake and Jesse Darling’s works in Tate Britain use the myth of St. Jerome to celebrate the imperfections of the human body.

Gran Fury

When political leaders ignored the AIDS crisis in 1980s America, a group of radical artists decided to make them listen.