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Ian Lavery

Ian Lavery is the Labour Party member of parliament for Wansbeck.

The Changing Face of the Enemy Within

Four decades ago, miners like me were labelled ‘the enemy within’ by Thatcher. Today, the same rhetoric is being used against British Muslims and all supporters of Palestinian freedom, writes Ian Lavery MP.

Child Poverty Is a Choice

In the North East constituency of Wansbeck, child poverty has risen from 26% to an incredible 37% in the past five years – the consequence of Tory policies which deepen poverty rather than tackling it.

The England Team Are the Best of Us

The racist abuse directed at England’s football players since last night’s match is not an anomaly – it’s the consequence of politicians and media outlets demonising them for their efforts to make this country better.

Failing the Miners Again

Channel 5’s new documentary about the 1984 Miners’ Strike paints Thatcher as a hero and covers up her government’s real intentions – it is just the latest establishment attack on the miners who fought back.

What Went Wrong?

The Labour Together report evidences the long-term trends that were behind December’s defeat – but if the party is to recover it must take the task of re-engaging with working-class communities seriously.

A Moment to Unite Against Injustice

It’s time for working people across Britain to come together to support movements for social justice, challenge racial and class inequalities – and fight back against the ruling elite that fosters them.

No Holding Back

If Labour is to reconnect with working-class communities in its heartland areas, it will need to empower local members to organise on the ground – and the time to start that process is now, argues Ian Lavery.

Lavery Hits Back

Right-wing attacks won’t stop me from getting the message across to members that now is the time to organise in defence of your communities, writes Labour Party chair Ian Lavery.

Northern Discomfort

Today MPs Ian Lavery and Jon Trickett are launching their report ‘Northern Discomfort,’ which argues for a radical change in Labour’s approach to communities in the North of England.

In Defence of Community Organising

Community organising is a vital part of rebuilding the Labour Party at the grassroots – but it will take time and shouldn’t be expected to produce immediate results, argues Ian Lavery.

Why I’m Backing Rebecca Long-Bailey

Party chair Ian Lavery on why he’s backing Rebecca Long-Bailey to combine socialist policies with the long-term workplace, community and party organising necessary to rebuild Labour’s roots.