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Ian Lavery

Ian Lavery is the Chair of the Labour Party. He is the Labour Member of Parliament for Wansbeck.

Lavery Hits Back

Right-wing attacks won't stop me from getting the message across to members that now is the time to organise in defence of your communities, writes Labour Party chair Ian Lavery.

Northern Discomfort

Today MPs Ian Lavery and Jon Trickett are launching their report 'Northern Discomfort,' which argues for a radical change in Labour's approach to communities in the North of England.

In Defence of Community Organising

Community organising is a vital part of rebuilding the Labour Party at the grassroots – but it will take time and shouldn't be expected to produce immediate results, argues Ian Lavery.

Why I’m Backing Rebecca Long-Bailey

Party chair Ian Lavery on why he's backing Rebecca Long-Bailey to combine socialist policies with the long-term workplace, community and party organising necessary to rebuild Labour's roots.

Justice for Our Miners

After decades of government neglect, Labour is promising real justice for Britain's miners and coalfield communities with proper pensions and specialised health checks for work-related illnesses.

My Time in the Miners’ Strike

In 1984, Labour Party Chair Ian Lavery was an ordinary miner ready to stand with his fellow workers. What he experienced during the strike changed him forever.