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James Greig

James Greig is a writer with bylines in the Guardian, Vice, i-D, and Huck. He is based in London.

Making Palestine Solidarity Impossible

In Britain, every cultural body exhibiting Palestinian culture is facing a vicious campaign to cut their funding, cancel their events and sack workers. The message is simple: ignore genocide or face consequences.

Loneliness Is a Political Problem

A recent survey found 95% of young people now feel lonely, with more than half citing money as a key factor. When everything’s expensive, and the public sphere has been deliberately decimated, it’s no surprise.

Peep Show Is Now a Utopian Fantasy

Channel 4’s Peep Show is now almost two decades old. In Jeremy, it captured the archetype of the slacker – living a life that was dysfunctional, but in today’s terms, also unimaginably comfortable.

Remembering the Forgotten War

In the last 70 years the US has embarked on an intentional effort to forget the Korean War and obscure its role in the brutality. But for people on the peninsula, the war never really ended – and neither has the American empire.

The Return of the Scrounger Myth

Tentative attempts by Tories to resurrect the ‘scrounger’ myth to push an even harsher welfare system prove how comfortably they slip back into austerity logic – and how completely at odds they are with the reality of today’s economy.