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Jamie Medwell

Jamie Medwell works as an editor in trade union comms. He writes about housing, labour, and the Left.

The Big Society, Reheated

David Cameron’s Tories pushed charity and volunteering to plug the gaps left by their vicious austerity assault. With a resurgence of cuts, we might see the same rhetoric reheated – the problem is that no-one has anything left to give.

The Rent Is Still Rising

Housing in Britain has already been in crisis for years – but while wages stagnate, rents outside London are now rising at their fastest rate since the financial crash.

Rent Controls Are Not a Fantasy

With 445,000 tenants in arrears, it’s clear the landlord class is out of control. But rent controls can rein in their exploitation – and the movement backing the measure is growing.

Abolish Landlords

A century ago, socialists demanded that housing should serve public need rather than private profit – that aspiration remains as relevant today, but it can only be realised under one condition: abolishing landlords.