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Jason Okundaye

Jason Okundaye is a columnist for Tribune and a contributor to Vice, the Guardian and Dazed, among others.

Labour Against Balloons

Rosie Duffield’s campaign against laughing gas is the latest example of a Labour Party which plans to ignore evidence-based policy and subcontract out its politics to the tabloid press.

The Blair Show

Late ’90s and early 2000s reality TV in the UK was shaped by its interaction with a Blairite political project which demonised the working-class and cast social problems as individual failings.

Criminalising Black Lives Matter

Priti Patel’s plans to fast-track cases against Black Lives Matter protestors will deepen racial injustices in Britain’s courts – but Keir Starmer’s record during the London riots implicates Labour just as much.

Labour’s Other Heartlands

Labour has long been a coalition between Bethnal Green and Bolsover – it’s vital that attempts to regain lost ground in the North and Midlands don’t come at the expense of black and brown working-class people.